Understanding Returns CoC IRR AAR How Do They Differ IncomeTerms

Understanding Returns – What Are CoC, IRR and AAR and How Do They Differ?

CoC stands for Cash-on-Cash Return, IRR means Internal Rate of Return, and AAR is Average Annual Return. They are all various measures of how profitable an investment might be, though have their own characteristics. Understanding returns, and the different metrics that are used, helps compare different investment opportunities.

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How to Invest in Real Estate with IRA Investing in Real Estate with Your Retirement Funds SDIRA Solo 401(k) IncomeRetirement

How to Invest in Real Estate with IRA

Invest in Real Estate with IRA? Possible? YES. Getting started can be very easy. Don’t be intimidated. Move your retirement funds into a self-directed retirement fund so that you can take advantage of IRS-approved investments opportunities.

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Stock Market vs Passive Real Estate Stock Market vs. Passive Real Estate Investing Liquidity Historic Returns Stability, Predictability and Volatility Tax Advantage Time Horizon Leverage Passive Investing IncomeOverview

Stock Market vs. Passive Real Estate Investing

Which one is better, stock market vs. passive real estate investing? This has been a heated debate for quite a while. There are many pros and cons on each side, and unfortunately it is up to you to determine which risks and rewards you are willing to live with and hope for.

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How to Earn Passive Income from Real Estate IncomeOverview

How to Earn Passive Income from Real Estate

We have been told by some that investing in real estate is a way to get rich quick. While this actually has happened to very few, this is not the norm. What you can count on though is that to earn passive income in real estate is a slow but steady way to accumulate wealth. There are usually many fewer surprises than when compared to the stock market.

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apartment syndication investing IncomeOpportunities

Apartment Syndication Investing – What does a good opportunity look like?

You are ready for apartment syndication investing. You found several multifamily syndicators, like them and trust them based on their transparency and past performance. Two of the sponsors currently have projects they are working on and need to get funded. You have a difficult decision.

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