Real Estate Investing for Lazy People

Learn the many aspects of passive investing in multifamily real estate that will help you to grow your knowledge, wealth and confidence….with the least amount of effort and the highest rate of success.

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This article will map out your learning experience about passive real estate investments.​


Getting started in multifamily real estate as a passive investor.​


Learn terms like cap rates, NOI, DSC, IRR, cash-on-cash return and more to better understand your investment opportunities.


How to exploit real estate metrics and demographics to analyze investment opportunities.​

Income & Preservation

Learn how investing in multifamily real estate is a recession resistant wealth preservation strategy.​​


Learn about the people who put together passive real estate investing opportunities, the syndications. How to find and invest with them.​


Identifying the right passive real estate investment opportunity and how to compare returns.​​

Risk Mitigation

How investing in multiple syndications diversifies your portfolio, and how a syndication’s LLC structure protects you from liabilities.​​


Learn about depreciation and other tax benefits that passive real estate investing makes possible.​


Find out how you can convert your retirement savings into a self-directed IRA to invest in real estate.​​

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Definitions to the industry terms used on this website.​