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So… You want to invest in real estate but your time is limited and you do not want to have to manage tenants, toilets and trash.

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Underwriting 101 DataOpportunities

Underwriting 101

Underwriting in the context of commercial real estate simply means researching all the extenuating factors of an investment and mitigating its risks by allocating resources appropriately. In English: Doing your homework… Learning everything you can, leaving no stone unturned, and figuring out what the cash flows will look like based on the available evidence.

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Reviewing a Syndication Business Plan – Does it make sense to invest DataOpportunities

Reviewing a Syndication Business Plan – Does it make sense to invest?

A real estate syndication business plan outlines how your investment will grow. Learn how returns are generated, preferred rates of return (if any), predicted profits at sale, use of funds, as well as overall plan of things to improve in order to force the value of the property higher. Topics include acquisition, improvements, holding period, refinancing, disposition or sale of the property.

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analyzing real estate investments Listening to the Data – Why is it important to verify demographics - Job Growth Median Income Crime Rates Home Value Growth Flood Zones Schools DataTerms

7 Smart Hacks For Analyzing Real Estate Investments – Using Data to Verify Profit Potential

When you are analyzing real estate investments in which you might be passively investing, you should be using these data demographic hacks to learn about the neighborhood where that property is. Bad areas can make bad investments, BUT great demographic patterns increase the likelihood of success.

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