How to Invest in Real Estate with IRA

Invest in Real Estate with IRA? Have you ever even thought of moving your retirement funds into a self-directed retirement fund so that you can take advantage of IRS-approved investments opportunities within the real estate investing space? Many people do not know that this is possible. And if they do, this may seem like a complicated subject to them, but it really isn’t. Getting started can be very easy. Don’t be intimidated.

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Depreciation and Why it Matters

Contrary to popular belief, depreciation does not fully eliminate the need to pay taxes… But it can delay them substantially.

The tax code favors real estate investment because the government, as one of its duties to its citizens, is to provide affordable housing. To do so, the government provides incentives to spur on this type of investment. One of the coolest things about investing in real estate is a little thing called depreciation. This accounting expense can seem almost magical, but it is rooted in the truth that since assets tend to wear out over time, we account for that reduction in value, deducting the cost of an asset over its useful life.

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Start Here

So… You want to invest in real estate but your time is limited and you do not want to have to manage tenants, toilets and trash.

Many of us know that investing in multi-family real estate can be much safer than investing in the volatile stock market. We want to preserve and even grow our wealth, retirement fund or our nest egg.

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What to Expect During Your Passive Real Estate Investment

You have made a decision to invest in a passive real estate investment syndication that offers great returns and with a team that you know, like and trust. You have been bored to tears by their mounds of paperwork including the Private Placement Memorandum, the Operating Agreement, and the Subscription Agreement. It was 150-300 pages of legalese that you obediently read and understood. You wired your $50,000 minimum investment from your self-directed IRA to the operator’s bank account. You received an official confirmation that all paperwork was in order and that you were officially one of the many limited partners of a multifamily project that you believe in.

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