Good and Bad News on Using a Roth IRA to Invest in Real Estate IncomeTax

Good and Bad News on Using a Roth IRA to Invest in Real Estate

One of the coolest things about using a Roth IRA for investing in multifamily commercial real estate is that you do not pay any taxes on any gains. Find out how.

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The Split – 2 Profitable ways to Share in a Project’s Return

When looking at different multifamily syndication investment opportunities, you need to be aware of the split. An offering will generally specify the percentage of profits and where they go.

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IncomeRisk Mitigation

5 Tips for Preserving and Increasing Your Net Worth

Throughout all of his many investments over the years, and gaining investment momentum, a friend of mine has adhered to some guiding principles that he feels other people could use as well.

So… What are the tips?

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Passive vs. Active Investments Guest ArticleIncome

Passive vs. Active Investments

Learn the differences between investment styles within active and passive investing, from day trading in stocks and options trading to multifamily syndication investing. There’s a vast spectrum in effort needed to succeed in each and everything in between.

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So… You want to invest in real estate but your time is limited and you do not want to have to manage tenants, toilets and trash.

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Accredited Versus Sophisticated Investor – Which Are You? IncomeOpportunities

Accredited Versus Sophisticated Investor – Which Are You?

Syndicators always ask their investors if they are accredited versus sophisticated investors, because it is required by law in the United States. Syndicators have to follow certain regulations set forth by the SEC in order to operate legally. There are 2 main categories of private placements, 506(b) and 506(c). Within these are certain restrictions affecting the kind of investors they can accept. This article will help explain which one you are.

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