5 Tips for Preserving and Increasing Your Net Worth

I have a friend who has a little 15 years of investing experience, and has some very sage advice for those of us who wish to follow in his footsteps. His name is Manuel. (This may or may not have been changed to protect his anonymity.) He is a very disciplined investor, buying and holding many single-family homes and smaller properties, and now prefers to invest in multifamily syndications.

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Passive vs. Active Investments

I don’t know about you, but I love ice cream and gelato. There are so many flavors, and they are all so tasty! In the summer when it’s hot, a mango or lemon gelato is what I want. But as the autumn weather cools things down and the leaves begin to drop, a more savory ice cream flavor such as chocolate caramel swirl is more up my alley.

Investing can be like that, too – there are so many different choices that it can make your head spin, and your mood or station in life matters when making a selection. So, how do you decide?

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