Tax Benefits of Multifamily Syndication

In addition to cash flow, capital preservation, and steady growth prospects, many passive investors find themselves gravitating to real estate syndication for another reason – the tax benefits! There are a number of powerful tax benefits that come with investing in real estate; it’s likely the number one benefit that we’ve noticed are the massive deductions.

Some of the most common deductions are:

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Passive Investing in Real Estate: Capital Gains, Cash Flow, and Speculation

As a kid, I used to love balloons. I’d see them at the grocery store or at a fair, marveling at the colors and designs. If my parents bought me one, I’d do my best to hold tight so the balloon wouldn’t get away. (Side note: Is there a more helpless feeling as a kid then when a balloon slips from your hand and floats away?) Once safely inside the house, playtime began! No matter how I batted it down, I couldn’t keep a good balloon from going up, up, up. Many investors think that markets work this way; they blindly place their hard-earned dollars into investments that they don’t truly understand while ignoring the risks because the stock market “always goes up.” But balloons will eventually come down, and even the best markets can run out of energy. Educating yourself on different investment styles and risk evaluation can help you to build a portfolio that doesn’t run out of helium.

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