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So… You want to invest in real estate but your time is limited and you do not want to have to manage tenants, toilets and trash.

Many of us know that investing in multi-family real estate can be much safer than investing in the volatile stock market. We want to preserve and even grow our wealth, retirement fund or our nest egg.

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Apartment Syndication Investing – What does a good opportunity look like?

You are ready for apartment syndication investing. You have made contact with several multifamily syndicators, like them and trust them based on their transparency and past performance. You are finally invited to invest with them. Two of the sponsors currently have projects they are working on and need to get funded. They each conduct investor presentations on Zoom, and you are able to attend them both. You come away with a difficult decision.

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How to Invest in Real Estate with IRA

Invest in Real Estate with IRA? Have you ever even thought of moving your retirement funds into a self-directed retirement fund so that you can take advantage of IRS-approved investments opportunities within the real estate investing space? Many people do not know that this is possible. And if they do, this may seem like a complicated subject to them, but it really isn’t. Getting started can be very easy. Don’t be intimidated.

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Quiz – Winner or Dud? – Choosing the Right Investment

Once you make your connections with lots of good syndicators who have met your screening requirements, you will start receiving offers to participate in investment opportunities on a regular basis. I seem to get several each and every week in my email inbox. Most look too good to pass up, but with so much to choose from, you need to exercise discipline and only choose the best of the best.

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Depreciation and Why it Matters

Contrary to popular belief, depreciation does not fully eliminate the need to pay taxes… But it can delay them substantially.

The tax code favors real estate investment because the government, as one of its duties to its citizens, is to provide affordable housing. To do so, the government provides incentives to spur on this type of investment. One of the coolest things about investing in real estate is a little thing called depreciation. This accounting expense can seem almost magical, but it is rooted in the truth that since assets tend to wear out over time, we account for that reduction in value, deducting the cost of an asset over its useful life.

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Reviewing a Syndication Business Plan – Does it make sense to invest?

As you gain experience looking at multifamily syndication business plans, you will find some underlying items in common with each business plan you review. These are things like how returns are generated, preferred rates of return (if any), predicted profits at sale, use of funds, as well as overall plan of things to improve in order to force the value of the property higher. There are also reg flags to look out for.

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Opportunity Zones – How to Defer or Eliminate Capital Gains

One of the newest sets of tax rules available to us is the inducements around opportunity zones, calling for us to re-invest our unrealized capital gains into projects that help local communities. The US Government has established certain areas of the US that it wants to improve, and has implemented tax incentives to investors to help out by financially stimulating those areas. By participating in opportunity zone investment opportunities, we can defer and sometimes eliminate taxes on capital gains.

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The Syndication Offering – What to Expect During an Investor Presentation

A syndication offering – that is, a passive investment opportunity – can be a lot of information at once, but it is usually quite structured. Some passive investors see dozens of investor presentations per year, but if you are just starting out, you are probably not that familiar with what a syndication offering entails. As you get more experience with these, you will note that most have some things in common. This carries through from the printed materials to PDFs to webinars. There are key topics that should be discussed by the syndicator, and presentations usually have everything addressed below but likely not in the same order.

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Managing Investment Risk in Commercial Multifamily Real Estate

Managing investment risk is unavoidable, especially in passive real estate investing. Generally speaking, the higher the risk, the higher potential reward. The opposite is also considered true. Avoiding absolutely all risk is unrealistic, so your job as an investor is to determine how much risk is acceptable to you, and the things you can do to minimize it.

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How to Earn Passive Income from Real Estate

We have been told by some that investing in real estate is a way to get rich quick. While this actually has happened to very few, this is not the norm. What you can count on though is that to earn passive income in real estate is a slow but steady way to accumulate wealth. There are usually many fewer surprises than when compared to the stock market.

A common myth says that passive real estate investing involves little to no work. But in reality, it really takes quite a bit of work up front in order to be truly passive… Thus, the name of this website, Actively Passive. If you’re like many out there, you like the idea of being able to bring in a little extra money on the side. Creating an income outside your day job can help boost your net worth —not to mention reducing stress when it comes to making ends meet.

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