The Split – 2 Profitable ways to Share in a Project’s Return

When looking at different multifamily syndication investment opportunities, you need to be aware of the split. An offering will generally specify the percentage of profits and where they go.

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IncomeRisk Mitigation

5 Tips for Preserving and Increasing Your Net Worth

Throughout all of his many investments over the years, and gaining investment momentum, a friend of mine has adhered to some guiding principles that he feels other people could use as well.

So… What are the tips?

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Passive vs. Active Investments Guest ArticleIncome

Passive vs. Active Investments

Learn the differences between investment styles within active and passive investing, from day trading in stocks and options trading to multifamily syndication investing. There’s a vast spectrum in effort needed to succeed in each and everything in between.

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Tax Benefits of Multifamily Syndication Guest ArticleTax

Tax Benefits of Multifamily Syndication

There are a number of powerful tax benefits that come with investing in real estate. It’s likely the number one benefit that are the massive deductions. Why do apartment investors get all of these great tax benefits? It’s because of government incentives.

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Using Retirement Funds for Real Estate RetirementTaxVideo

Using Retirement Funds for Real Estate

Learn about putting your retirement funds to work in this highly informative discussion. By some measures, real estate has historically performed better than stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

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Should you invest in Apartment Syndications or Single-Family Homes Guest ArticleOpportunities

Should you invest in Apartment Syndications or Single-Family Homes?

Many people who have full-time jobs are lured in to the idea of passively owning rental homes and the promise of “mailbox money.” Which is better: Apartment syndications or single-family rentals?

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