Liability Protection – CYA – Cover Your Assets. OverviewRisk Mitigation

Liability Protection – CYA – Cover Your Assets.

I think you can interpret what I’m saying here. When you start investing in apartment complexes, you can expose yourself to needless risks in the form of tenant lawsuits. It is wise to do it the right way. Luckily, most syndications can offer several layers of protection.

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Accredited Versus Sophisticated Investor – Which Are You? IncomeOpportunities

Accredited Versus Sophisticated Investor – Which Are You?

Syndicators always ask their investors if they are accredited versus sophisticated investors, because it is required by law in the United States. Syndicators have to follow certain regulations set forth by the SEC in order to operate legally. There are 2 main categories of private placements, 506(b) and 506(c). Within these are certain restrictions affecting the kind of investors they can accept. This article will help explain which one you are.

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8 Ways to Find Syndicators This Week Syndicators

8 Awesome Ways to Find Syndicators This Week

Many investors who hold well-paying careers or operate successful businesses, pick investing passively with multifamily syndicators. If you are one of those people, you are likely to have already found some sponsors, or you need help connecting with some. Let’s discuss how to find syndicators.

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Quiz – Winner or Dud? – Choosing the Right Investment

Once you make your connections with lots of good syndicators who have met your screening requirements, you will start receiving offers to participate in investment opportunities on a regular basis. I seem to get several each and every week in my email inbox. Most look too good to pass up, but with so much to choose from, you need to exercise discipline and only choose the best of the best.

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Underwriting 101 DataOpportunities

Underwriting 101

Underwriting in the context of commercial real estate simply means researching all the extenuating factors of an investment and mitigating its risks by allocating resources appropriately. In English: Doing your homework… Learning everything you can, leaving no stone unturned, and figuring out what the cash flows will look like based on the available evidence.

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How to Pick a Syndicator Getting to Know the Sponsors to Invest with Them Directly – Ask the Right Questions Risk MitigationSyndicators

How to Pick a Syndicator to Invest with Them Directly – Ask the Right Questions

Knowing how to pick a syndicator is a skill that every passive investor needs to hone. Before you evaluate syndication deal opportunities, you first need to evaluate the actual syndication teams. Good teams will usually have good deals, so if you are looking for opportunities, finding the team is the higher priority. But then, this article will show you what needs to happen next – the interview. Ask the right questions.

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